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Ray Takes Atlanta!

We jetsetted to Atlanta this Christmas to surprise my sister and the outcome was priceless! She was so overjoyed that she bawled! There's nothing better than putting your family first during the holiday season.

I was so happy that Ray got to see his cousins since they don't see each other much. They enjoyed their time at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the Atlanta Zoo, and under my wing as their babysitter for one day out of our trip. Trust me, taking four kids to the Georgia Aquarium is no easy task for a single mom. We saw a few of our aquatic friends like stingrays, sharks, and different types of fish. I also took them to Legoland, which is definitely a fun site to take your child to no matter the age. They had all sorts of characters and structures made completely out of legos. The kids even took a look at a Braves game!

To wrap up our trip, my niece, nephews and my son, took time to review 2016 with a cute worksheet provided to us by They reflected on their best mornings, what their friends are like, their favorite food, and their goals for the next year.

It's never too early for kids to reflect on what they've done and think about how they want to grow as people in this world.


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