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  • Sari

LEGO® Live in the Big Apple

Hi! I'm Sari, an Upper Westside mom to my 6 year-old son George. We enjoy sports and active events around the city (if you couldn't tell by the basketball jersey). I'm your typical sports mom—basketball, football—you name it we do it!

George and I previewed the LEGO® LIVE NYC event on Friday. It's the first time LEGO® is hosting an event here in Manhattan and they made sure to bring out all the legos!

The theme across the board was Build. Learn. Create. They featured building zones with all your LEGO® favorites like Architecture, City, Friends, NINJAGO, Star Wars™, and so much more!

We learned from LEGO® Mindstorms®, LEGO® BOOST, and LEGO® Minecraft™ experts, visited Minecraft worlds in fully-immersive virtual reality. It was as if George was in Minecraft! There was a live stage with demonstrations, build challenges, and giveaways.

This event is fun for all ages and a perfect activity for this long weekend! Enjoy!

Right now, there four hour general admission tickets available on Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to arrive early because security is intense. With the amount of kids in attendance, it is worth it!

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