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LIVE @ Kids Who Bank

On Sunday, April 29th, I had the honor of attending the 1st Annual Kidpreneur Awards Gala sponsored by Kids Who Bank. It was an evening filled with dance performances, inspirational panelists and an awards ceremony honoring kids and adults who are making positive impacts within our communities.

Kids Who Bank is the brain child of Jatali Bellanton. This hard working ‘mompreneur’ divulged she was able to put this fabulous event together in less than three months. It made me wonder, ‘What exactly have I done in the past 90 days?’ Kids Who Bank was hosted by Ash Carter, life and financial coach and founder and CEO of the event, L’Oreal Luchi, Co-Host of Youth Empowerment Show and Essynce Couture, teenage author and all around renaissance woman.

The amazing and upbeat crowd, who donned the suggested African attire, was filled with the nights honorees’ parents, friends, supporters and even a state Senator. After being treated to a live performance from Uptown Dance Academy, Ash Carter led a powerhouse panel who gave advice to the audience on career goals, financial literacy and courage to follow your dreams. When asked when is the right time to pursue your dreams Mr. Cash said, “Time, once you give it up, you never get it back.” Very poignant words to live by.

The awards ceremony, the highlight of the evening included kid presenters who are already making their mark in their respective industries. The honorees were comprised of adults and kids were made up of fashion designers, advocates for women’s rights, people of color and those who felt they did not have a voice. DJ’s, professional musicians, entrepreneurs and even an ambassador, all blessed with the same intention on improving the world around them.

As I stood at the back of the room admiring the crowd, I happened to be standing next to Jatali Bellanton who was beaming from ear to ear, “Can you believe it. We’re completely sold out. I’m so excited!” Kids Who Bank has tremendous community support and without question, this event will continue to grow year after year.


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