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Autism Awareness Month

We love to experience life beyond the spectrum!

To celebrate Autism Awareness Month we are taking you on a coloring adventure with us to an island in the Caribbean Sea, located between Dominican Republic and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Packed with history, culture, delicious food, and pristine beaches. Its name, Puerto Rico: La Isla del Encanto [enchanted island].

Ray frequents the island to visit his grandparents. They live on the southwest corner of Puerto Rico, in a town called Cabo Rojo [approximately 3 hours from San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital]. Cabo Rojo is popular among locals for its dynamic landscapes and protected beaches. While Ray loves to explore the town, his favorite part is enjoying his grandparents home. Especially running through the banana trees in the backyard.

We hope you enjoy this coloring sheet and share your designs with us! @chasingblueberries #eljardinero

And remember to experience life beyond the spectrum!

Download "El Jardinero Coloring Sheet" ⬇️

El Jardinero Coloring Sheet
Download PDF • 1.15MB

Directions for coloring El Jardinero: 1. Use your imagination 2. Draw in your own face to become El Jardinero 3. Color outside the lines!


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