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Back to School Shopping: Listos Para la Escuela w/ We All Grow Latina & Amazon #ClearTheLists

So how are we doing this? Are we shopping for back to school or are we just going to wait and see what happens? Whether it is virtual or blended learning, I am trying to make our back to school transition as normal as possible. What I mean by that is YES! We are back to school shopping - book bag, supplies, and clothes (naturally because the little ones always seem to grow over the summer).

Amazon shared some items with us to kick our shopping list into gear! See below the fun items and happy shopping!

1. Little Cat Silicone Light - We love this item because it changes colors. And with the power going out quite often here in Puerto Rico, it’s a great night light to have on those dark nights.

2. Sharpie Retractable Highlighters - I like to write down our schedules in order to keep track of all our on-goings. Especially now, with the complexity of schedules, these are essential in color coding our calendar. I also use Sharpie Highlighters as an educational tool to play connect the dots with Ray- whether its numbers or shapes, he enjoys the color fun. Oh, and did I mention these are retractable! So no loosing tops!

3. Ticonderoga Neon Pencils, #2 Pre-Sharpened Wood Pencils with Erasers - Why not make it colorful?! Bright and pre-sharpened. These neon pencils are the perfect writing tool to get minis in the groove.

4. AmazonBasics Volume Limited Wired Over-Ear Headphones for Kids with Two Ports for Sharing - I love these because the wire is covered and the volume is limited. Ray will chew on the normal rubber wire headphones. Autism Friendly. Highly Recommend.

5. LED Book Light - Since quarantine started, I have been reading more books. This is perfect to be hiding under the covers while the little one is asleep.

6. Filter Bandana - We haven’t tried these yet, I think they are perfect for the fall days ahead. Comfortable and protective.

7. Contigo Kids - I have been using Contigo Kids water bottles for awhile now. They are perfect to prevent leaks and the colors are always bold- making them easy to find when your little one is in a thirst crunch.

8. Mr Pen Erasers - These are super cute and colorful. They can be assemble and disassembled for a gapped playtime. We use them as part of our occupational therapy sessions. I would say do not leave your child unattended with them as they are small. My son is 8 years old and will stick things in his mouth, while he enjoys playing with these I only use them when we are doing it as an activity together.

9. Play Doh - This pack comes with a variety of colors. I like to order this pack, but only pull out two at time to play with so it can last longer lol.

10. Mead Notebooks - I like to use these for myself, but also for Ray to practice his penmanship. It’s always nice to give them a change of paper.

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