Creative Meals with Sari Baez

In honor of of Mother’s Day 2020, we are highlighting 25 extraordinary Momma’s who inspire our Chasing Blueberries Community!

Meet our mom, Sari!

Sari Baez, New York City (Harlem)

Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Diplomacy Worldwide


CB: Who are you in quarantine with?

SB: With my 9 year old son George and my mother Kim in New Jersey.

CB: What is your quarantine story?

SB: My son and I actually have the same sense of taste in food which I’ve realized now more than ever being that i’m trying to come up with fun creative meals 3 times a day while in quarantine. I usually pick up something or order food but thats had to change in the past few months so its interesting that we’ve been able to bond so much over food ideas and deserts of-course. We’ve made lots of cookies together in the past few weeks. 

CB: What are 3 tips you would give to other Moms to help them during this time? 

SB: Don’t be to hard on yourself when you can’t stick to a specific schedule - I’ve honestly let my son stay up later than usual and sleep later than usual but I think its ok. I also think its ok to relax and have a glass of wine around your child as long as you know your limits. Last tip - still take care of yourself like make sure you shower, wash your hair, and file your nails - the basics make you feel good about yourself and bonus - a few extra pounds  won’t kill you. Eat and indulge in ice cream if it makes you happy. :) 

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