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The Ultimate Wing Woman

Women’s EmpowermentCocktails No kids allowed

What sacred place is this?!

A Girl's Club!

Chanel hosted an exclusive pop-up at The Wing in Soho. The Wing is a women's only co-working space committed to bringing women together to build and grow a community of empowering goal getters.

The Coco Club’s concept was based on the traditional men’s social club but with a chic #cocochanel twist. You even received a gold Coco club Card to enter. Each room was a unique and insta-worthy promotion for their Boyfriend watch collection.

The Chanel brand cafe served trendy refreshments and savory tea sandwiches. The rooms were covered with signs that read, “What’s good for men is even better for women,” and “Be a woman to watch.”

My favorite activity were the communal tables covered with CC stationary encouraging women to write themselves a postcard listing goals, affirmations or just a simple hello and Chanel would send it out to you.

Oh and did I mention, no children allowed! The Coco Club’s female focused work space was a perfect field trip for every woman to watch!



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