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LIVE @ New York Baby Show

On a cold and rainy Saturday last week, I, along with my 4 month old son, attended the New York Baby Show 2018 at Pier 94 in NYC. We braved the elements, along with a slew of new and expectant parents, to see what new items were on the market to assist us in this complex world of parenting. There were hundreds of vendors giving away free samples of organic baby food, skin care for mom and baby, lactating cookies, clothes, diapers and even seminars. This was a good way for new parents to see what products work best for their babies and themselves.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with our first goody bag of the day. A reusable tote bag along with a sample of Water Wipes. This water based wet wipe, with just a drop of fruit, claims to be one of the purest wipes on the market and perfect for your little one’s sensitive skin. I will definitely be trying them with my son. Another great vendor I came across was French company, Le Petite Creme. Le Petite Creme is a natural based ingredient lotion, made up of olive oil, water, beeswax, glycerin, limestone and Vitamin E, that takes the place of baby wipes. You smear a little on a washcloth and clean up baby’s “mess.” This cream not only gets your baby’s toosh clean, but also moisturizes preventing diaper rash. Another must try for me and my 4 month old!

Trying to toss snacks in the backseat to my 2 year-old and drive at the same time is turning my car into a fast food dinner table nightmare. Travel Tray can definitely come in handy while driving because your toddler is already set up with a sippy cup and snacks and will save you from the “don’t make me come back there” speech. I know you can relate!

While there were tons of brands there, of course snacks were the most important. Once Upon A Farm, a cold pressed organic food company for babies, let us sample treats. Catered for infants and toddlers, it was perfect timing as my son just got cleared to begin solid foods. He definitely enjoyed! Did you know Jennifer Garner is a co-founder of Once Upon A Farm? It is heartwarming to know a mother is involved in creating this nutritious brand.

If you weren’t able to attend, visit their website and browse the sponsors and vendors in your area. You can even register and purchase tickets for an upcoming convention. Even if you’re not a first time parent, there is always something new to learn to make this journey even more exciting.


Disclosure: We have been compensated in the form product/service for free. All opinions are our own.


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